So, it’s settled! You’ve decided to produce your very own podcast and you’re probably concerned about how the sound/quality will turn out 🤔. Don’t worry— it’s not rocket science, 🚀 but nonetheless, poor audio quality can really distract your listeners from the significance of your message.

It all boils down to the listening experience 🎧.

You’ll usually have listeners who are trying to go about their busy day, so you’ll want your audio to be clear and engaging. We want to show you 5 awesome tips you can apply to your next podcast:

Your best asset is simply being yourself 😄

At first, you’ll most likely feel strange talking to a microphone (especially if an oblivious person walks by and thinks you’re talking to yourself) 🙃. Most of us are self-conscious, and thus, your speech may sound forced and generic.

The result is: You’ll sound pretty much like a robot 🤖. Robots are cool and all but sounding like one may have your listeners bored out of their minds (or at the very least creeped out). It’s best to act as genuine and as natural as possible— like conversing with some friends. Encourage the authenticity in your Podcast.

Talk to one person 😏

Many podcasters have a habit of imagining a huge audience when they record these things. It’s great if you want to think BIG, but it can lead to anxiety or add to the anxiety you may already feel.

Start off with one person and keep it simple; imagine a lighthearted conversation with your best friend. If you’re recording your show all by yourself, then you can pretend that the microphone is your friend.

Alternatively, you can also prop up your phone, tablet or laptop and display a photo of your persona and pretend like you’re having a conversation with him or her!

 Allow spontaneity 💃

You can really gain people’s interest if they don’t know what to expect next from you. However, when you’re predictable in your material, people can lose their interest quickly 💤, therefore, it’s best leave some room for spontaneity. No, we’re not bashing your script but instead, we’re asking you to tweak it on the spot as you go along. What does this mean?

Well for one, aside from discussing something that your audience will already love, you can insert some random ad-libs if they make sense.

And since laughter is the very best medicine, don’t be afraid to crack a joke here and there! 🤣

If you end up going off on a tangent and find yourself rambling on about nothing, snap back to reality; focus on finishing one thought at a time. Pull yourself together, pause, and say something along the lines of, “Anyway, what I’m trying to say is…”. 

Sure, your script is great. It’s your guide to your entire podcast. Just add some flare as you go along!

Smile – People can hear it in your voice! 😊

Why so serious? You don’t need to sound like a news reporter on your podcast. We implore you to understand that people can tell whether you’re smiling or not.

🤓Fun fact: This is not psychological but physiological. When a person smiles, the soft palate at the back of the mouth raises and makes the sound waves more fluid. This improves your tone.

We know this sounds pretty cliché but think happy thoughts. Try getting a mirror on your table and look at yourself when you speak into the microphone. If you catch yourself frowning, pause for a bit, and get that smile back in there!

Don’t follow the script precisely! 📝

Like we said, your script is a guide to your entire podcast. Especially if you’re new and you’re not quite sure how to think of words on the spot.

Scripts are useful to help organize your podcast content, but sometimes, they can be quite restrictive.

You don’t need to totally forget your script, but in some cases, you may need to veer off topic. Just go with the flow. When you go in to edit your audio later, you can always remove the parts that don’t add any value to your podcast.

Long story short, try not to overthink this. Trying too hard to sound a certain way can come out in your voice. Plan exactly what you want to chat about in your podcast and add your own, unique flare to it. If you make it your own, then it’s truly worth listening to. 😉

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